By plane


With the quaint Inhambane airport just 23 kilometres from Tofo’s pristine sandy shores and Baia Sonambula, reaching paradise is just a short fly away. LAM flights departure Johannesburg and they go via either Maputo or Vilankulos. On arrival we can organise an airport transfer for you. The airport transfer is free for staying of 5 night or more.

For people who don’t want to fly with LAM there is 2 slightly longer options.

The first option is to fly directly from Johannesburg to Vilankulos with Airlink or South Africa air-line. The flights are daily and they run on perfect schedule. From Vilankulos we can organize a taxi for you. The journey will take a further 4.5 hours.

The second option is to fly Johannesburg-Maputo with South Africa air-line. There are quite a few flights per day. Once in Maputo you can either come up with Pubblic Transportation, Rent a car or hire a private taxi. Time and cost vary greatly between private taxi and public transportation.


For flight details visit both web page:

GPS Directions

GPS 23°51’17.4″S 35°32’56.2″E


By car


For those driving, Inhambane is about 500 kilometres north of Mozambique’s capital city, Maputo, along good bitumin roads. Whilst the road is in excellent condition and suitable for all vehicles we advise guests to allow seven hours from Maputo as traffic can be congested in the capital and police heavily enforce the 60 kilometre speed limit in the string of picturesque villages and towns the road winds its way through.

Once you arrive in Inhambane, head east and simply follow the “Praia do Tofo” signs for about 23 kilometres. At “Babalaza”, a small town with a string of roadside stalls, turn sharply right when the road folks and continue for five kilometres. There is a petrol station with an ATM on this road. Please note this is the last petrol station and there are no ATMs in Tofo.

Upon arrival at Tofo look out for our sign directing you to turn left into a sandy road. If you are driving a raised 4X4 take this road, otherwise we advise driving for another 100 metres to the next sandy road which is suitable for all vehicles. Either way, continue along the sandy roads for a further 500 metres following our signs, untill you reach the sea and our wooden double gates. You can safely park your car outside our doors. Welcome to Baia Sonambula.

GPS directions 23°51’17.4″S 35°32’56.2″E




By taxi


Finally, if you are up for an adventure and want to snatch a real taste of Africa the “chappas” taxis from Maputo to Tofo are the way to go and will stoke the flames for any good travel writing. Over crowded with smiling Mozambicans, and seemingly operating to their own “African time“, it is on these public taxis where your authentic African adventure starts. While they may not have the air conditioning of an aeroplane or private taxi they are much cheaper and will almost certainly have your thrown into the ‘real‘ way of life for many locals. Whether you want to practice your Portuguese with your always friendly driving companions, or use the time to finally read that novel, the Chappas taxi provides this time. Chappas depart daily from Maputo’s two main hostels, Fatima and Base Backpackers, at 5.00am arriving in Tofo around 2pm. Both Hostels will organise a taxi to ferry you to the bus station. Bookings are advised.

When you arrive in Tofo please ask the the driver to drop you at either the police station or in front of Tofo Tofo. From both centres simply head past the fresh food and clothes market next door, and turn right at the beach. Walk 150 metres along the sand until you reach your home away from home. You’ve made it and just in time for a cool fresh fruit sundowner on your private deck overlooking the sea.




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